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Cat hissing at new kitten? Do this and they'll get.

When you bring a new cat or kitten into your home, you might expect your resident feline to be thrilled with her new roommate. Instead, she will probably greet him with a hiss and a growl, because she views the newcomer as an invader coming into her territory. If you just got a new kitten, one of the main reasons you got it was probably because you wanted your resident cat to have a friend. Right? But now, your cat is hissing and growling at the new kitten and that’s most certainly not what you wanted.

5 Reasons Your "Cat Hissing At New Cat" Cats are naturally solitary animals - you may already be aware that your kitties like things their own way! Our pets like to be in control, so it may take some time for resident cats to adjust to new kittens, cat hissing at new cat. Sometimes cats never fully accept a new kitten but will simply coexist, keeping to themselves away from the other cat in the house. You’ll want to make sure that no matter how your cat feels about the new kitten, that things stay peaceful and you have the best chance at. My Cat Is Hissing at Me Because of New Kitten. Your cat will often act like they are upset at you too when you bring a new cat into the home. Don’t take this personally, in my experience it’s really not the case. It’s more likely that your cat is upset because of the new cat. 18/08/2015 · I don't think you need to worry too much - the hissing and growling is absolutely normal - everything's strange at the moment, new experiences, smells, everything, for both of them, and this is how kittens respond to something new in their life. I once brought home a kitten who decided to sleep on my shoulder the first night. 13/08/2008 · Okay, so I brought a new kitten home and FIRST THING, my older cat flipped out. I'm guessing this is to be expected so I tried to push my cat out of the room so I could get the kitten back to her new "safe room" and give the older cat the rest of the house. I got the kitten all settled and everything, but now my older cat hates me.

27/04/2011 · The new cat stayed on top of the book shelf for the first day but now is down and roaming the house. She runs up to Murphy every time she hears her but both growl and spit and Murphy puffs herself up and begs to be let outside. The new young cat does not walk away just stays there hissing back at our cat. The new cat is also not eating. 17/05/2014 · Composure liquid Max really helped both of my cats. The resident cat was nervous as this new boy was chasing and hurting him. The new cat was stressed at living inside a home. I had previously used the Composure feline treats, but found that it took at least 3 treats per cat 2x a day and they took awhile to work.

12/03/2009 · Putting your new kitten in a safe room will not make the process any easier. I brought an older cat into my home with my 1 1/2 year old and it took well over 6 months for them to get use to each other. All you can do is let them be and eventually your resident cat will come around and they will become buddies. 5 Reasons Your Cat's Hissing At Your New Kitten. Cats are naturally solitary animals - you may already be aware that your kitties like things their own way! Our pets like to be in control, so it may take some time for resident cats to adjust to new kittens. 30/12/2011 · This is the nice bit of her hissing and growling. When we brought it home she was hissing and growling off her head. 07/03/2012 · This is my cat Milo and he was not so welcoming to the new kitten I was holding as I filmed this. They are now best friends! This is my cat Milo and he was not so welcoming to the new kitten I was holding as I filmed this. They are now best friends! Skip. Cat Meow/Hissing at new Kitten Kns. Loading. Unsubscribe from Kns. 20/02/2019 · One of the more stressful parts of cat ownership is bringing a new cat into a home with a resident cat. But there are some steps you can take to help make the transition a peaceful one. Here's a week-by-week guide to a good first impression.

When Will My Cat Stop Hissing at Our New Cat?

21/12/2015 · So I got a new kitten and was worried it might be attacked by my old cat but the opposite has happened the older cat is quiet and calm and the kitten gets all angry when it sees the older cat. any advice on what I should do I want them to get along 12-19-2015, 08:05 AM. Hissing and growling is normal cat communication. How can I tell if my resident cat is stressed by the new kitten? I have a 8 year old male cat and just adopted a 7 week old female kitten. At first the male cat was hissing and growling at the kitten but after the first day he stopped and now he just follows her around. Many cat owners are motivated to introduce a new kitten to the household by the thought that their existing cat will appreciate having a new companion. In my experience, this is often true – at least in the long run – but the initial introduction period is not always plain sailing. Indeed, people are sometimes [].

new kitten with older cat by: Anonymous Thank you all for the good advice, I feel a lot better, this is my second attempt with a new kitten introduced to the house hold. My kitten is very well natured and isn't hissing or scared at all she is happy and purring. Adopting a new cat can give an animal in need a home and change your life for the better. But if you already have one or more cats at home, introducing a new feline into the dynamic can be tricky. Introductions may be particularly difficult between two cats with different personalities or between an “only child” resident cat and a new kitten.

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